What sort of service can I expect?

A exceptional chauffeur driven experience, with our focus always being on you – the customer. We are punctual, professional and personable.

What are your chauffeur services used for? Are there any jobs that you will turn down?

We offer a private chauffeur service for business and leisure clients who tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Business/corporate clients (both local and international).
  • High net worth leisure/tourist families visiting Britain (particularly from the U.S.A, Russia and Middle East).
  • Event based companies booking for conferences, award ceremonies, sport and leisure events.

We offer a high quality chauffeur service for meetings, financial roadshows, tours and experiences, events, and airport/seaport/point to point transfers.

We do not provide a prom service or stretch limo.

Which areas do you cover?

We are a British chauffeur company operating out of the city and the South East, but we can cover the whole of Britain.

Is there a distance limitation?

There is no distance limitation, although outside of London there may be an additional mileage charge.

Is Chauffeur Drive Britain licensed and insured?

We are a TFL Licensed Private Hire operator and have public liability insurance. All of our cars and chauffeurs are TFL licensed, have Hire and Reward insurance and are public liability insured.

What makes your chauffeur service different?

We are more than just cars and drivers. Our signature is the exceptional service and experience we deliver.

We focus on:

  • Driver professionalism.
  • Driver knowledge of Britain and customer needs.
  • Driving skill for comfort and safety.
  • Time management.

What can your security chauffeurs and close protection officers provide?

We can provide specialist, security qualified chauffeurs and a close protection team, should they be needed. They are highly experienced professionals who will assess the risks and provide the necessary safeguards needed for the principal.

Do you offer a chauffeur service for celebrities and VIPs?

Yes, however our commitment is to provide the highest standards of service for all our clients, including celebrities and VIPs.

How does your international chauffeur service work and what destinations do you cover?

We have a worldwide affiliate network that adhere to the same standards as us. So, if you would like to continue your chauffeured experience when travelling abroad, you just need to provide us with your destination details and itinerary.

Can I choose which driver picks me up/drops me off?

Where possible we will try and supply the driver the client has requested. However, this does depend on availability, schedules etc.

Will I always receive the same chauffeur car/driver?

We will always supply the class of car requested, but the chauffeur and car may differ for each booking. Please note however, that we will always deliver the highest standard of service for every booking.

How will I identify my chauffeur?

Once the chauffeur and car has been allocated you will be sent the chauffeurs name and mobile number.

Will I be notified when my chauffeur arrives?

The Chauffeur will text you to let you know they have arrived and where they are waiting. Our chauffeurs will always be at the pick-up address at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Do your Chauffeurs wear uniforms?

All of our chauffeurs will be wearing a dark suit, shirt and tie and will be immaculately presented at all times.

Will my chauffeur respect my privacy?

Only the most committed, knowledgeable and trustworthy chauffeurs work for Chauffeur Drive Britain. Our chauffeurs will always uphold personal safety and discretion.

How familiar with London are your drivers?

All of our drivers are very experienced and familiar with London.

Can you guarantee my chauffeur will be on time and what happens if it is not?

The Chauffeur and car will be on site at least 15 minutes before the booked time. On the rare occasion that there is a problem, we will provide a no-charge alternative so that the client can continue their journey.

Will I be charged for parking, congestion zones or tolls?

Our vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge. Parking charges apply to all airport station pick-ups. There may also be some parking charges for hourly hires.

What type of vehicles do you offer?

All of our luxury sedans are long wheel base, usually the Mercedes S-Class. For more than 3 passengers, we provide the Mercedes V-Class (which seats up to 7 passengers). We can also supply prestige vehicles upon request.

Take a look at our range of vehicles here.

Will my chauffeur help with the luggage?

All of our chauffeurs will provide assistance with luggage and open and close vehicle doors. They will also help in any other way they can so as to make your journey more comfortable.

Am I able to eat/drink/smoke on board?

It is illegal to smoke in a private hire vehicle. Bottled water is provided in all vehicles and refreshments can be supplied upon request.

Is Wi-Fi/multi-media entertainment provided?

Wi-Fi is available in all of our cars. Some vehicles will have rear entertainment systems such as TV/DVD.

Am I able to charge my mobile/laptop/tablet during the journey?

Mobile phone/tablet charges are supplied in the cars so that passengers can charge their devices. In some instances you may also be able to charge your laptop.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Usually we will require at least 12 hours’ notice, but we do try where possible on a short notice inquiry, to supply a service. This cannot always be guaranteed.

What if I need to make an amendment to my booking (my flight is delayed/I arrive late)? Is there a charge for this?

We track all flights for bookings and will be aware of flight delays, so there is no additional charge when a flight is late. Once the flight has landed, 45 minutes waiting time is already included in the price. Any waiting time after the 45 minutes will incur a charge.

What’s your cancellation policy? Is there a charge?

For transfers 100 % is the payable if cancelled within less than 12 hours’ notice to booking time and 50% is payable if cancellation is less than 24 hours’ notice to booking time.  For hourly bookings and tours 100 % is payable if cancelled within less than 48 hours’ notice to booking time and  50% is payable if cancellation is less than 72 hours’ notice to booking time.

How much do you charge and how can I pay for the service?

Charges will depend on the amount of hours you book or the mileage of a single destination. We accept all major credit cards or if preferred Bank details can be provided for wire transfer.

Do you offer a discount for repeat and/or multiple bookings?

We can offer discounts for regular bookings or multi-car bookings.

Am I able to set-up an account with Chauffeur Drive Britain?

If required, an account set-up can be arranged in order to allow for simple online bookings.